Colour It!


Love this idea for Christmas gifts or really almost any gift. Too cute!




As you all know I love to send along savings. Here is 50% off for the Body Shop. It works at all the Body Shop stores but I hear the Conestoga Mall staff are the best.

Happy Shopping!

Wrap it up!


Now you may or may not know this but I love Christmas decorating. I love decorating a tree or mantle but what I can not stand is wrapping gifts! I have looked on pintrest and seen all kinds of works of art in wrapping department. People using wallpaper, material, butcher block paper and more. People stamping, or cutting out letters and adding all type of bits and bobs. Personally, I like using a paper that is coordinated with the tree and when I live dangerously a simple bow. All the small detail picky work is enough to drive me mad. Nothing worse then thinking you are almost done wrapping a gift and then the corner tears.

I did have to share the above picture because I thought this was a smart wrapping paper alternative. Sheet music is so pretty and intriguing. It makes a statement. I also love the broaches on these packages but can only imagine how quickly that would add up,

Happy Wrapping!

Best Christmas Tree Deal!


This Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am-10pm Michaels is having a great sale. The best deal is the 7ft. Pre-lit Willow Tree. I have already purchased and decorated this tree and it is a nice small base tree. It has 400 clear lights and two different types of branches. To be honest, at this price of $109 I am highly contemplating purchasing another for next year. It comes in three pieces for easy assembly too!

Happy Shopping!

Little Snow


We had a little snow in the air this afternoon and the Christmas songs started belting out in my brain. Shush made me start thinking about Christmas decor. I do know this year I am pulling out everything Christmas. My home is going to be stuffed and full of Christmas chaos. One thing I have done in years past is hang ornaments from my lights as shown in the photo above. This past tradition will be resurfacing this year for sure!
Bring on the Christmas bling!