Before & After Kids Bathroom

I keep meaning to post this makeover.

Here is my kids bathroom with the green tub and toilet with gold and cream tiles. My favourite pre makeover item are those swag lights. This bathroom was very sad. Almost everything was removed and when I say removed… I mean down to the studs. Turns out there was some mold and squishy drywall behind those gold tiles.

The bathroom was dry walled with the green board and a shower base was put in. The shower also had an acrylic surround installed. No more tile for this work horse shower that three teenagers use. The vanity was replaced by a large piece that has a deeper sink and granite top. It is also four inches taller then the standard height to accommodate my 6’3″ son who is still growing. The drawers are also the slow and soft close type which is neat. (Did I mention the rough large teenage boy?) The mirror and light fixtures were replaced and the walls were painted a simple grey. As mentioned before the kids picked a sunny yellow as the accent colour.

Rough cost for this bathroom
– $700 vanity
– $200 in taps
– $40 light fixture
– $60 mirror
– $40 paint
– $60 art
– $45 new towels
– shower base, glass doors and surround $700
– dry wall and various building supplies $200
– $170 toilet

That puts this bathroom at about the $2200 mark which is really not that bad for such a project and the finished results.

Now we just need to put a washroom in the basement!



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