It’s All About Balance…


It is summer time which means some of my “honey do” list starts to get underway. There fence that needed to go in is done and some other exterior jobs are complete. Now is the time to have the focus shifted to the interior. There the list is long and has some what frightened my husband. The project he is currently working on is the kids washroom. Say goodbye to the green tub and gold tiled surround. This washroom truly was an eyesore.

When we first moved in (gulp 18 months ago) we did do some minor alterations to this washroom. Down came the hanging lights, out came the green giant tank toilet and the wood vanity was painted a fun blue to add some spark to the space. Now all that remains is the new toilet and light fixture. Okay, and the flooring which is where the “balance” comes into play.

The flooring is currently a light tile. It is in perfect shape but not what I wanted to keep. I wanted a hexagon pattern. Dreamed of it. So I prayed and prayed that the tile would not go under the current vanity. I learned quickly that not all prayers are answered how you may want. The tile goes wall to wall in perfection. So the tile stays. It is a small washroom so the solution will be a nice rug in front of the vanity.

I will send out another update on this washroom with what is going in it and such in a few days. I need to remember that the room will look great in the end, just not exactly what I had planned because as my husband said this morning, “it is for the kids & we’re not made of money.” I will just keep telling myself it is all about balance.


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