Unique Headboard


Recently I was chatting with a group of friends and we were discussing headboards. I was surprised by how many people did not have a headboard in their master bedroom or guest bedroom. The reasons, “no one goes in there”, “too cheap to buy something not needed”, “don’t like a matchy, matchy look”, and “planning on getting to it”.

I personally feel a headboard is what grounds the bedroom. Not having one is like leaving for work with no top on. Ok, perhaps a bit extreme but you get what I am saying. Even, if people want a temporary headboard, something “crafty” until they buy something substantial I am fine with that. A quick headboard can be made from an old door, shutters, a piece of wood padded and wrapped in fabric, even one of those simple headboard kits where one velcros the squares to the wall. I like the headboard shown above. It is some nice molding and a lounge chair cushion. Buttons were added for some visual detail but this headboard is reasonable to make, practical to use and visually pleasant. I give it two thumbs up. So my friends with no headboards … You have no excuses.


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