Sew Cool……


It is that time of year again where back yard BBQ’s are happening and people are looking for ways to serve the most people efficiently. I personally do not like people going into my fridge, something I probably picked up from my Grandma Cuthbert. As I child at the cottage I remember always needing to ask for permission before opening the fridge to get the drinkable water. Funny how things stick with you. Ok, back to the BBQ’s. So here is the dilemma, I do not like people going in my fridge and I am a lazy hostess. This means all the drinks must be out and accessible. In the past I have used small tables, coolers and tubs with ice. This year I am on the hunt for a sewing table I can convert. See the photo above for my inspiration. I love it because it is small enough that in the winter months I can fold it up and use it in my basement. Now like always… The search is on.


One thought on “Sew Cool……

  1. Love this idea and also the one that uses a potting bench!! Thanks Tara!! Keep them coming!



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