Sew Cool……


It is that time of year again where back yard BBQ’s are happening and people are looking for ways to serve the most people efficiently. I personally do not like people going into my fridge, something I probably picked up from my Grandma Cuthbert. As I child at the cottage I remember always needing to ask for permission before opening the fridge to get the drinkable water. Funny how things stick with you. Ok, back to the BBQ’s. So here is the dilemma, I do not like people going in my fridge and I am a lazy hostess. This means all the drinks must be out and accessible. In the past I have used small tables, coolers and tubs with ice. This year I am on the hunt for a sewing table I can convert. See the photo above for my inspiration. I love it because it is small enough that in the winter months I can fold it up and use it in my basement. Now like always… The search is on.


Unique Headboard


Recently I was chatting with a group of friends and we were discussing headboards. I was surprised by how many people did not have a headboard in their master bedroom or guest bedroom. The reasons, “no one goes in there”, “too cheap to buy something not needed”, “don’t like a matchy, matchy look”, and “planning on getting to it”.

I personally feel a headboard is what grounds the bedroom. Not having one is like leaving for work with no top on. Ok, perhaps a bit extreme but you get what I am saying. Even, if people want a temporary headboard, something “crafty” until they buy something substantial I am fine with that. A quick headboard can be made from an old door, shutters, a piece of wood padded and wrapped in fabric, even one of those simple headboard kits where one velcros the squares to the wall. I like the headboard shown above. It is some nice molding and a lounge chair cushion. Buttons were added for some visual detail but this headboard is reasonable to make, practical to use and visually pleasant. I give it two thumbs up. So my friends with no headboards … You have no excuses.

Happy Father’s Day!


Hope all the dads out there are having a great day. You guys deserve it. Thanks to my hubby for being such an amazing father to our three kids. The graphic above says it all for me. Lastly, thanks to my dad, who in my opinion is the best dad in the world. I love you!



When out stopping by yard sales one needs to look at the items being offered and then, think outside the box. I noticed one sale was offering a stack of shutters but in the moment could not think of one use for them in my home. After some research a few ideas came together. See the photo above for inspiration. I really like the table behind the couch. Anybody else have any ideas as to what to do with shutters?



Not too long ago my son and dad were helping to clean out a relatives shed. They were sorting what was useful and what could go into a large bonfire on the property. I nearly cried when I found out that a few wooden ladders made their way to a fiery demise. My son mentioned that they were useless, that he would not trust his weight on them. Useless?! I think not. Old wooden ladders have so many options for usefulness. See the photo above for just a few. Now, I am on the hunt and probably will spend a fortune to get my hands on one.