Back Decks


With the sun out and the promise of warmer days it seems everyone is talking about their patios and decks.

On my home front we need a new deck. The current one is rotting and splintering. However, this is next years project. For this year we removed anything “extra” on the deck we could. From privacy lattice to rotting railings. We are now down to a low simple platform with stairs. It is simple and will do the trick just nicely for the year. Next year we will have to decide whether we rebuild with wood, patios stones or stamped concrete. Oh the choices!!!!

For now, it is all about making what we have look good. We have two exterior rugs, a gazebo and a water feature. Ok, and a table and some chairs. The goal is to keep it simple and let the water feature do the talking, or gurgling. Whatever it does.

In the above photo I love the idea of having a deck to the rear of the yard and how clean this looks. Maybe a deck and a stone patio are in order next year?!


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