atelier Bouclair


Bouclair has recently introduced a new furniture collection called Atelier and I think it is great! Their designers have co-ordinated furniture in 9 distinct themes. From a nature-inspired Scandinavian look to a unique Vintage Mod. All of it super cool and with affordable prices.

These new collections include dining tables, side tables, sofas, lounge chairs, headboards and much more. Pretty much everything you need to create a look that you will love, that represents ones individual style.

The interesting thing about these new lines is that only a small portion of them will be available in store. How it works is you order online and then there is free shipping to your closest store. They have a slogan that states, “in stock, order today, ships tomorrow”. You can see an online catalogue or pick one up at your local Bouclair.

The last interesting part is that they have fabric swatches in store! You can see in my photo there are three beside the catalogue. Having swatches will encourage me to use this service. I always want to know what I am getting into colour and texture wise before I order it.

Happy online shopping!


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