Water Feature


Well folks, it only took a year but the water feature is complete. The large acrylic pot that my hubby got from a curbside pickup has been turned into a great focal point. The inside was built up with plastic pots and a little water fountain pump was submerged. A round wooden piece was put on top of the pots and then the rocks were piled on top for visual interest.

So the question is folks…… Do I keep it simple (rocks only) or do I get a couple pond plants???


Back Decks


With the sun out and the promise of warmer days it seems everyone is talking about their patios and decks.

On my home front we need a new deck. The current one is rotting and splintering. However, this is next years project. For this year we removed anything “extra” on the deck we could. From privacy lattice to rotting railings. We are now down to a low simple platform with stairs. It is simple and will do the trick just nicely for the year. Next year we will have to decide whether we rebuild with wood, patios stones or stamped concrete. Oh the choices!!!!

For now, it is all about making what we have look good. We have two exterior rugs, a gazebo and a water feature. Ok, and a table and some chairs. The goal is to keep it simple and let the water feature do the talking, or gurgling. Whatever it does.

In the above photo I love the idea of having a deck to the rear of the yard and how clean this looks. Maybe a deck and a stone patio are in order next year?!

Solar Lamp Project


Here is K.F’s craft project.
The solar table lamp.

Step 1:
Buy an old lamp but make sure it is a heavy one.
K.F. Nabbed this lamp for under $5 from a thrift shop.

Step 2:
Cut the cord off the lamp and spray paint the base.
It is advisable to give the base a quick sand and use a good exterior paint like Tremclad.

Step 3:
Take the heads off two garden solar lights and wire them to the base.

Step 4:
Put a lamp shade on and place in a sunny location.
K.F. mentioned she is going to purchase a much nicer looking shade to clean up the look. I suggested a cream one with a blue bird on it that is sold at Target.

I think this is a great project and K.F. did a fabulous job!

Rake Rack


This is the perfect time of year to hit those garage sales and antique shows to look for treasures. I find those who score the best finds are those who think outside the box. Take this rake piece for example. Never would I have looked at it and thought, “yep, perfect for my bling.” But look how amazing it looks!

Happy Victoria Day!


This weekend has been gorgeous! Today has been a beautiful way to end a long weekend. The sun out and the wind blowing through the leaves on the trees has made me smile all day. I will be back to blogging about decor in a couple of days and I want to show you the coolest idea that K.F. came up with and created. I will give you a hint…. Table lamp and solar lights. Stay tuned to see what she crafted up!

Garden Time


The long weekend is almost here! For me the long weekend normally means escaping to the cottage and gearing up for the summer ahead. This year due to the cold weather and other circumstances,we are staying home. I am going to embrace the traditions of others this weekend. This means hosting a BBQ or two. (fire up the grill honey!) It also means working in the gardens. My front lawn needs more weeds removed, all the gardens edged and remulched. Is that even a word? I also want to move a few plants around and plant some grasses. I love grasses almost as much as I love hosta plants. The photo above is a look I adore. A green base with hits of white and yellow. So simple, clean and fresh! Now I just need to get digging!

Dressers in the Garden?


This week me and a friend of mine were checking out thrift stores. I was on the hunt for some large jars. (round two of painting jars for centre pieces for an upcoming BBQ) My friend was on the hunt for the perfect dresser. Not too tall and not too wide. She has yet to find one but hopes to be successful after a weekend of garage sales. When I asked her what she planned on doing with it and she said, “oh, I want to put it in the garden for some height and interest.” In the garden…. Hmmmmm. Now I am not a gardener in the slightest but I do appreciate a nice looking vignette whether it be indoors or out! Check out the photo above for inspiration and when my friend has completed hers I am going to ask her to show us all.