Trend Alert – Mason Jars


This will not be a surprise to most of you, but Mason Jars are trending greatly at the moment. They are being used as vases, lights, drinking glasses, decorative candle holders and storage solutions.

Recently we hosted a birthday bash for my daughter and before the event I picked up a case of jars from Canadian Tire. Yes, they are knock offs of the beloved Mason Jar but a case of 24 with lids cost a mere 7.49! For the party I made lemonade and popped a sliced lemon in each jar. After putting on the lids I was able to put the drinks in a large bucket with ice. Now every teen had their own “glass” and drink good to go. Almost a grown up drinking box of sorts. This method could be used for any type of drink and I am looking forward to doing it again for our bbq’s this summer. I also recently found out you can pick up custom lid and straw combos at Dollerama.

Beyond using them as a glass I plan to paint a few for centre pieces. I love the look of the gold ones shown in the photo but I will most likely stick with turquoise and white for my backyard. I will use them on the deck to hold not only flowers but cutlery, napkins, candles and straws.

So I suggest you pull out those mason jars or even save your pasta jars this summer and see what kind of DIY fun you can have.


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