Painted Pretty


Just sharing one other picture of painted jars.
These ones have been painted and then roughed up with sand paper. So very pretty. I hope to attempt some myself later this week. I will post the outcome.


Trend Alert – Mason Jars


This will not be a surprise to most of you, but Mason Jars are trending greatly at the moment. They are being used as vases, lights, drinking glasses, decorative candle holders and storage solutions.

Recently we hosted a birthday bash for my daughter and before the event I picked up a case of jars from Canadian Tire. Yes, they are knock offs of the beloved Mason Jar but a case of 24 with lids cost a mere 7.49! For the party I made lemonade and popped a sliced lemon in each jar. After putting on the lids I was able to put the drinks in a large bucket with ice. Now every teen had their own “glass” and drink good to go. Almost a grown up drinking box of sorts. This method could be used for any type of drink and I am looking forward to doing it again for our bbq’s this summer. I also recently found out you can pick up custom lid and straw combos at Dollerama.

Beyond using them as a glass I plan to paint a few for centre pieces. I love the look of the gold ones shown in the photo but I will most likely stick with turquoise and white for my backyard. I will use them on the deck to hold not only flowers but cutlery, napkins, candles and straws.

So I suggest you pull out those mason jars or even save your pasta jars this summer and see what kind of DIY fun you can have.

Happy Easter


The sun is out and the temperature is in double digits! It truly is a Happy Easter.

This weekend we did a little yard work but mainly it was about making a plan as to what projects we tackle next. The fence is for sure going up this year as is tackling the main upstairs bath. I will keep you posted on how those projects proceed. The other project we need to tackle is sanding and staining our deck and finally painting the upstairs hallway.

Normally we do the bulk of our work in the summer months but this year we have some family visiting from out of the country and I would like the majority of it done by end of June. This means we will need to become some self proclaimed weekend warriors. So hold on to your hat. It is going to be a bumpy ride for the next couple months in this house. I of course will keep you my readers posted on the ups and downs of home renos. Stay tuned..

Couch? It is optional!


When was it determined that a living room or family room must have a sofa? Personally, I am tired of conforming! Maybe I am a tad anti social but I love cuddling up in my own chair. I enjoy having my very own two arm rests. In the photo above the four arm chairs and round table is a fabulous layout in my opinion. So before you decide that a new couch is in order maybe check out some club or wing back chairs first.

Front Door with Spring Wreath


Last night I hung my spring wreath and this morning the flurries came back. Really old man winter? You want to play this game? Now to show you who is boss I am going to pull out all my spring clothing.

Anyway, before I get all angry about snow in April I thought I would share what my spring wreath looks like on the door. The wreath is simple but I wanted it that way because the front door is a bold yellow. The rug I choose for outside the door is also bold but it compliments the colour scheme so nicely.

So come on Spring… Let the sun shine down and the flowers pop up. I do not want my door to be the only bright thing on the street!

Spring Wreath for Under $10!


I had said I would not hang a spring wreath until the snow had melted from my front lawn but it is taking forever!!! We are in April and the snow is still about a foot deep in parts of my lawn. Ok, old man winter, you have won. I give up. The spring wreath is going on the door!

I wanted a simple wreath for my door with a nice pop of yellow. I got the grape vine wreath base from Michaels for $3.97 as well as the large yellow flower which was $2.99. Both these items were 60% off their usual price. Lastly, I grabbed the mini white lilies from Dollerama at $1.00 for the bunch. I hot glue gunned the items to the wreath and attached a piece of ribbon. This is a simple but stunning wreath at an unbelievable price. Hopefully, this inspires you all to go out and give one a whirl. Bring on the Spring!!!