Declutter Day – I propose a new holiday!


Clutter, clutter, clutter. It seems to me that this is an epidemic in our Canadian culture. As Canadians we like our stuff. I dare not say we are hoarders but we may be on the verge. How we differ is that we take that mass amount of stuff and put it in our garages, sheds or storage rooms. We pack it away, organize it by colour and hold onto it forever just in case so and so has a baby the same season as me (who cares if the styles are 15 years old!) Or hold onto those winter coats from seasons past because having a couple back-ups is a good thing. Or the bags of decorative pillows that I may use on my bed again someday or maybe in one of the kids rooms? Let’s not even begin to talk about tea cups, random casserole dishes or, wait for it, the clothes I may fit into again someday.

I would like to propose a new holiday. Declutter Day. A day where we all go to our now packed up clutter and decide to get rid of it forever. Crack open those garages and storage spaces and purge them of the items that we “may” need some day. I know I am going to encourage my family this March Break to look through their boxes of “extra” stuff in the basement and see what we can get rid of. Really, how many purses does one 12 year old need??!


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