When One Space Needs to be Two!


Sometimes there are not enough individual spaces in a home and one needs to carve one out. As seen in the photo above the young lady wanted a sleeping area and a working area. An area free of distraction and an area not tempting her to take a quick nap. This room divider solution is also a good one when there are two in a bedroom and you want them to each have their own special place.

The divider above is the Expedit bookshelf from Ikea. The base piece is a minimal cost and then you start to customize it. You can leave the cubes open for books or fill it with baskets and toys. If you want to add the extra expense you can add drawers and doors. Perfect for storing clothes or school supplies alike. The piece comes in white or the black brown but could be painted if you wanted to add at pop of colour. However colour can be added in other ways as seen above.

So if you need to add a home office, or separate some children or just add some distinction between two spaces, the bookshelf divider is something to keep in mind.


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