Why Hire a Decorator?


I was chatting with a client the other day about why people are afraid to hire a decorator. There are a couple main reasons; people are afraid of the cost, afraid of losing say in the design and afraid they may get talked into a bigger budget.

I first want to address cost. There are actually many cost savings! Having a decorator come in and pick the right paint colour saves you from painting and then painting again until you find the right colour. Therefore saving one money in time and product. Costs can also been saved when purchasing furniture and accessories. Personally I know I can get my clients between 15-20% off these purchases using my designer discount.

Afraid of losing say in the design? My job is to listen to the client and figure out what they want. It is not what I want but what the client needs. Now that being said I do feel it is my job to give input if I feel it may have a horrible outcome.

Budget. If I am given a budget it is my job to stay within it. At times it is my job to hold back a client to keep them on track. What people see on tv is not the norm. Open communication about costs is extremely important in the real world.

There are other reasons I could add to this list for hiring a decorator such as having a seamless design, a fresh look, adding wow, contacts and helping to build a plan for now and in the future.
So the question really should be… Why would you not hire a decorator?!


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