Bedtime Cozy


Is winter ever going to stop being so ruthless?! I have found one way to ignore the blowing snow and chilly winds tho. Climb into bed with a good book! My bed is super cozy and helps me forget about those snow banks taller than me, at least for a little while.

Just like in winter one layers their clothing, well the same goes for the bed. Of course you need texture as well but you primarily need layers. First, for winter I firmly believe in flannel sheets. They are soft and never feel cold when you slip between them. Next on my bed I prefer a fleece blanket. After that we move onto a synthetic duvet. (I like down but I find it makes me snore!) After the duvet comes the comforter. Then lastly on the bed is a knitted throw of some sort.

Yes, this sounds like many layers but on these cold Canadian winter nights I can tell you I am dreaming cozy thoughts.

Stay warm everyone!


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