When One Space Needs to be Two!


Sometimes there are not enough individual spaces in a home and one needs to carve one out. As seen in the photo above the young lady wanted a sleeping area and a working area. An area free of distraction and an area not tempting her to take a quick nap. This room divider solution is also a good one when there are two in a bedroom and you want them to each have their own special place.

The divider above is the Expedit bookshelf from Ikea. The base piece is a minimal cost and then you start to customize it. You can leave the cubes open for books or fill it with baskets and toys. If you want to add the extra expense you can add drawers and doors. Perfect for storing clothes or school supplies alike. The piece comes in white or the black brown but could be painted if you wanted to add at pop of colour. However colour can be added in other ways as seen above.

So if you need to add a home office, or separate some children or just add some distinction between two spaces, the bookshelf divider is something to keep in mind.


Summer Sunshine in a jar…


I am very fortunate to have very special people in my life. One such person showed up this evening with a bunch of flowers and two lemons in hand. She looked at me and said, ok, make your blog come to life. The bouquet of flowers had a variety of colours but I picked out all the yellow for this lemon inspired piece. I then dug through the recycling to find a pasta sauce jar. It turns out the lemons were a bit harder to place then I would have thought but all in all I thought it turned out not badly at all. It was just what I needed…summer sunshine in a jar. Thanks friend!!!

Flowers… Add some happiness.


This winter has been horrible in Southern Ontario. I realize we live in Canada and we should expect harsh winters but this one seems to be endless. In fact, winter typically makes me happy. There is nothing better than curling up in front of a fireplace with a good book while looking out a window at the falling snow. That being said, this endless pelting down of snow mixed with freezing rain and then more snow and cold weather is making me angry. I think the best way to get me out of this winter funk is with flowers. Flowers have a way of making the cold outside melt away, at least for a couple minutes. I really like the idea of the lemons in the mason jars with flowers as seen above. That arrangement just screams summer. Now the challenge is to actually get in the car and go buy some. Wish me luck!

The Wonders of Wood


Wood is trending right now.
Ok, even typing that sounded weird.
Wood has been “in” forever because it is the best building material. There are so many different varieties each with their own texture, colouring and grain pattern. What I should say is that wood in its basic form is trendy at the moment. Wood log like end tables and branch styled furniture are in demand in even the most modern home. See the photo above to get inspired!

Why Hire a Decorator?


I was chatting with a client the other day about why people are afraid to hire a decorator. There are a couple main reasons; people are afraid of the cost, afraid of losing say in the design and afraid they may get talked into a bigger budget.

I first want to address cost. There are actually many cost savings! Having a decorator come in and pick the right paint colour saves you from painting and then painting again until you find the right colour. Therefore saving one money in time and product. Costs can also been saved when purchasing furniture and accessories. Personally I know I can get my clients between 15-20% off these purchases using my designer discount.

Afraid of losing say in the design? My job is to listen to the client and figure out what they want. It is not what I want but what the client needs. Now that being said I do feel it is my job to give input if I feel it may have a horrible outcome.

Budget. If I am given a budget it is my job to stay within it. At times it is my job to hold back a client to keep them on track. What people see on tv is not the norm. Open communication about costs is extremely important in the real world.

There are other reasons I could add to this list for hiring a decorator such as having a seamless design, a fresh look, adding wow, contacts and helping to build a plan for now and in the future.
So the question really should be… Why would you not hire a decorator?!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day. I have to admit it. It is a nice thought. One day when everyone shows the person they love a little bit of extra love. Be it with flowers, chocolate, card or hand written letter. But my issue is that I demand more. I do not want to be loved on the one day when flowers are twice the cost and the pressure is there to step into line. In fact, if my husband buys me flowers on Valentine’s Day it makes me angry. I want it to be spontaneous or worst case a couple days before. The latter is how it went down this Valentine’s in our home. I love white roses. I especially love the ones my hubby picked up for me as seen in the photo above. White with a pale yellow centre. So pretty. Now tomorrow is a day I look forward to. When all the Valentine’s Day chocolate goes on sale!!

Old Sweater?!


To be honest I am not sure if I would ever do this or not but I had to share. Take a close look at the pillows on the bed. Yes, they are what you think they are. Those are sweaters and shirts. It is a fun and quick way to add some texture and give an old pillow a new life. They could be old sweaters or as the case in my home, shrunk sweaters or even sweaters you do not plan on wearing for a couple weeks. So take a look through your closet and see if anything jumps out at you and says, add me to the bed!