Snow & Cold in Cambridge


I am not sure where you all live but this winter has been one crazy time. The sad part is we are not even half way yet. So much for global warming!!!

Here in Southern Ontario in the Village of Hespeler it has been down right cold and loads of snow keeps falling. The snow banks on each side of our driveway have now reached over the five feet mark. At least my family has declared I am officially too short to shovel! Lol. The good thing about all this snow is that it sure is pretty. Tonight the front lawn looked like it had been encrusted with mini diamonds. A spectacular sight if you think about it.
The down side about snow and cold is that it makes one want to hibernate. Really, the last thing I want to do is work on anything. All I want to do is sit in front of the fireplace and stuff my face like a bear in fall preparing for winter. It is not like I don’t have work to do. I have a basement that needs to be painted. An office that needs an overhaul, again. A window seat to be sanded and stained. An upstairs hallway that needs to be painted. Then there are the big projects like a bathroom to be gutted, or a new basement bathroom or how about a kitchen makeover? But sadly, all I can think is… Oh yes please. I will take another hot chocolate and who stole my pretzels?!

This is going to be a long winter!


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