Area Rugs – tips for purchasing


I love hardwood floors. Love them. I love the grain, the finish and the feel underfoot. Yes, this post is about area rugs. Just keep reading! As much as I love hardwood floors I love stunning area rugs that are placed on top of them.

A well thought out area rug is just as pretty as a gorgeous painting. In the photo above the area rug is made out of carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are a great way to create a very special custom carpet.

Before buying an area rug there are a few things to consider. You must decide on the feel of the room it is going in. Do you want the rug to be muted, solid or bold? Once you decide on the colours you need to decide on size. The larger the better in most cases. Lastly, you must decide on the budget. It is said that you should spend the same on the carpet as you do on the sofa in the space.

In the end you should buy a rug you love and the most you can spend on it as it is a long term investment. Happy shopping!


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