Christmas Eve


Looking at the time I am realizing that Christmas Eve is almost over. In my family the tradition has always been to attend a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service. After this service we go to my folks for goodies and snacks. This is attended by family and close friends. Some times even a few Christmas Carols make their way into the evening. It is a nice way to remember what the season is truly about.

Tonight we had our “almost” traditional night. The day was spent in Epcot and this is where we attended a Christmas Candlelight Processional. There was a full orchestra, mass choir and the narrator was Steven Curtis Chapman. It was a fantastic way to celebrate Christmas Eve. After the “service” we came back to my folks resort room and there, they put on their traditional spread of homemade goodies and treats. We were joined by close friends and everyone laughed and retold stories about our amazing day. It was a great spin on our traditional Christmas Eve and we made memories that will last a life time. I feel truly blessed!


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