Banister Revisited…


One of my favourite blog followers sent me an email to say they were inspired by the various banister ideas I had posted. She has been working away on her Christmas decorating and had a blast with her banister. She sent me the above photo and I have to say she did a fabulous job. Way to go K.F.! You can come over and do my banister next year!!!!!


One thought on “Banister Revisited…

  1. That’s a beautiful bannister K.F! Ironically, I started on mine today, based on your ideas Tara. I found the bottom of the bannister a very intriguing idea and I’ve been thinking about that since your pic. Not just for my dear ol mum-in-law needing to hang on up the stairs and poor me using the railing this week after performing a beautiful spill on the ice (I’m sure I’d be less bruised if it happened on the walk HOME from Monty’s Wine and Tapas instead of a sober me!). I just loved the idea for uniqueness. And it makes sense! AND it looks pretty darn cool! Thanks Tara..again !

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