Black Friday Sales


Black Friday is no longer an American only sale. Canadian retailers are now trying to grab some of the market and doing a good job of it. Every store has a sale tomorrow. The stack of flyers on my kitchen table is impressive to say the least. The ones that interest me right now are the furniture and flooring. Not that I need either but I am curious to see if the deals truly are that amazing.

St. Jacob’s furniture is the first one on my view pile. There are some good deals in there but nothing different from the norm. Next is Source Flooring. It claims up to 90% or retail prices. I have to admit, it looks like they may have some stellar deals. Glass backsplash reg. $5.99 for $1.99/ sq.ft. They also have 12.3 thick laminate reg. $2.99 for .95 cents. Lastly the big take away from this flyer is the ledge stone reg. $8.99 for $1.99/ sq.ft. If you need flooring or ledge stone this might be worth the stop for you tomorrow. The next flyer is Liquadation World flyer. (one that I have never seen before) If you need basement furniture there is a large 2 piece sectional reg. $1,499 which is on sale for $699! The last flyer I will comment on is the Brick flyer. They have a large selection of sofas for 50% off. There is one really nice grey one that is 86″ in length called the Harper sofa. It is a mere $449!

So on the whole my verdict is there are some good deals out there if you are on the hunt for something currently. If not, then I have to admit I am curious what the new year will bring in the way of sales and new styles.


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