Christmas Outside Florals


There is a large pot beside my front door and this pot is what I use to add a pop of colour in an otherwise boring corner. The base of this arrangement is always the same. There are the tall birch branches to the back and some smaller thicker ones in the pot. The pine cones also stay in all year round as do some of the faux hanging greenery. If you look back you will see I had a different look last Christmas with large gold balls and in the summer it was filled with forsythia and other bright yellow beauties. This winter I am keeping it simple. Six pine branches were added, two gold glittery pieces and two poinsettias. Total cost… $12! It would have been less if I had enough nerve to ask the neighbours if I could take a few chunks of their pine tree. Yes folks, I paid the $4.99 for the branches from Zehrs. Anyway, the reason for this post is to say that, you can keep a common base for your outside floral display and it makes changing it up a few times per year super reasonable and it looks great!


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