Christmas Rant


Here is a close up view on the earth toned tree. I wanted to show that before I got all worked up.

I was not planning on taking a moment to rant but I just can not help myself! In my home Christmas is a big deal. Granted my husband and I have made it that way because we both adore Christmas. In our house it is not about the presents as the kids have never received extravagant gifts. We typically have an $80/child limit. We never wanted them thinking it was the best time of year because of what you get.
For our family it is about celebrating the best gift that was ever given to us, the birth of Jesus. Now this is not what my rant is about. This is just some background information.

So our family is nuts about Christmas. We love the holiday baking (the kids helping nana or their dad), the music, let me repeat that… the music, the time with family and the big one in our house…even bigger than the music…. The décor. The latter is what my rant is about. Now don’t get me wrong, I fully enjoy decorating for the holiday season but this year is a bit different. We are not going to be home for a good part of the holiday season and I figured my décor should be in line with that.

Yesterday after spending all day decorating the main floor of the house my children came in and said, “looks good mom, but where is the rest of it?” I then proceeded to tell them I would only be decorating the front porch and the main floor for Christmas this year. I was then met with much outrage. What? No decorations in the basement? What about our bedroom Christmas trees? Do you not love us?!

I kid you not folks.

Now before you start feeling bad for these children let me point out that I have three full size Christmas trees up and decorated on the main floor. Stockings and wreaths are hung and even the banisters are dripping in garland. There is no lack of Christmas here! What put me over the edge was when my husband came home and said, “looks good honey, when do you tackle the rest of it?”

I can admit it, I lost it. I pulled the entire family together and gave them a piece of my mind. Not the way I had planned on starting the Christmas season. Once I was finished explaining to them that I only had so much time and that we will be away lots they cut me some slack. My husband pointed out that because I had spoiled them with over nine full size Christmas trees and a fully detailed village with an ice rink in the past the bar has been set. In fact it has been set slightly too high!!!

In the end everyone was happy and I did not feel like running up and down the street screaming bah humbug and throwing glasses of egg nog. My word of wisdom to you all… Just don’t set the standard to high when it comes to your Christmas décor. There is no turning back!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Rant

  1. I love it!! Your tree looks beautiful and three full tree’s on main floor is amazing when I haven’t even started with the one I have which is only 3ft tall on my main floor:)

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