My Large Wreath


My wreath is hanging above my piano and I love it.
It is one large wreath. It spans just over three feet!

This wreath is simple to make. If you can roll a piece of paper into a funnel shape then you are good to go!

Step one:
Get sheet music. You will need roughly 80 sheets.
I bought mine from a second hand store where I picked up organ music for $1!

Step two:
Make funnel. Tape them to keep in funnel shape and then staple about two inches up from the point.
You will get really fast at this.

Step three:
Take a piece of foam core and draw two circles on it. One inside the other.

Step four:
On the outside circle lay down funnels and hot glue them all around the circle. When the out side is complete do the smaller circle. Add a third row if you feel it is needed.

Step five:
Hot glue on a ribbon and some ornaments in the middle. Enjoy!


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