When I’m Feeling Blue… All I have to do…


Yes folks, I snapped. I officially lost it and painted my living room Brewster Grey.

The entry to my home made me smile so I thought I might as well share the love with another space. I had not been a fan of the grey green the was previously in the space so it was easy to convince myself to do the work. I could not be more pleased with the result. In all my previous homes (3 in total) I have either had a tan or a gold/ taupe colour and it was time to break from the norm. Time to insert some colour into my neutral world.

The photo of course does not do it justice. It has a tad more grey to it but it makes everyone in my family feel good. This past week my kids have sat in there more than then the months that we have owned this home. So when I am feeling blue? All I need to do is go and sit in my calm blue grey room.


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