Banister Revisited…


One of my favourite blog followers sent me an email to say they were inspired by the various banister ideas I had posted. She has been working away on her Christmas decorating and had a blast with her banister. She sent me the above photo and I have to say she did a fabulous job. Way to go K.F.! You can come over and do my banister next year!!!!!


Black Friday Sales


Black Friday is no longer an American only sale. Canadian retailers are now trying to grab some of the market and doing a good job of it. Every store has a sale tomorrow. The stack of flyers on my kitchen table is impressive to say the least. The ones that interest me right now are the furniture and flooring. Not that I need either but I am curious to see if the deals truly are that amazing.

St. Jacob’s furniture is the first one on my view pile. There are some good deals in there but nothing different from the norm. Next is Source Flooring. It claims up to 90% or retail prices. I have to admit, it looks like they may have some stellar deals. Glass backsplash reg. $5.99 for $1.99/ sq.ft. They also have 12.3 thick laminate reg. $2.99 for .95 cents. Lastly the big take away from this flyer is the ledge stone reg. $8.99 for $1.99/ sq.ft. If you need flooring or ledge stone this might be worth the stop for you tomorrow. The next flyer is Liquadation World flyer. (one that I have never seen before) If you need basement furniture there is a large 2 piece sectional reg. $1,499 which is on sale for $699! The last flyer I will comment on is the Brick flyer. They have a large selection of sofas for 50% off. There is one really nice grey one that is 86″ in length called the Harper sofa. It is a mere $449!

So on the whole my verdict is there are some good deals out there if you are on the hunt for something currently. If not, then I have to admit I am curious what the new year will bring in the way of sales and new styles.

Happy Thanksgiving (round 2)


A great big Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends who live in the United States. It should be a great day of family, turkey and football. Three things I personally love. As an aside, one of my favourite movies of all time is The Blindside. Makes me cry every time I see it.

But about decorating.. A friend of mine sent me the above photo and I had to share. This just goes to show me again that the simpler the idea the better. This candle holder is simple in nature but so pretty and intriguing.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving and soon I will be posting about our local Black Friday and then back to the season I love… Christmas!

Angels from the Realms of Glory


Angels, from the realms of glory,
Wing your flight o’er all the earth;
Ye who sang creation’s story,
Now proclaim Messiah’s birth:

Angels are a huge part of Christmas.
This is why we have one tree dedicated to angels in our home. On my tree I have angels of every shape and size. My favourite angels are my black ones. 80% of my tree is made up of these special hard to find ornaments. I have been collecting these ornaments for 15 years now. The majority of them were purchased in the United States thanks to my mom! One year I managed to find some wee black snow baby angels at The Bay. I have also picked up a couple from Bombay (furniture ). I just love the angels.

If anyone comes across any this year in the Cambridge area please let me know!!!!!!

Christmas Outside Florals


There is a large pot beside my front door and this pot is what I use to add a pop of colour in an otherwise boring corner. The base of this arrangement is always the same. There are the tall birch branches to the back and some smaller thicker ones in the pot. The pine cones also stay in all year round as do some of the faux hanging greenery. If you look back you will see I had a different look last Christmas with large gold balls and in the summer it was filled with forsythia and other bright yellow beauties. This winter I am keeping it simple. Six pine branches were added, two gold glittery pieces and two poinsettias. Total cost… $12! It would have been less if I had enough nerve to ask the neighbours if I could take a few chunks of their pine tree. Yes folks, I paid the $4.99 for the branches from Zehrs. Anyway, the reason for this post is to say that, you can keep a common base for your outside floral display and it makes changing it up a few times per year super reasonable and it looks great!

Hanging Christmas D├ęcor Outside


As you all know I have a covered porch. This porch has three hooks for hanging various things. In the summer they are used for ferns but for the winter I had not decided until a couple days ago. At first I was going to making hanging baskets filled with pine branches, pine cones and a few gold glittery objects. This would look good and I may still consider doing that for next year. This year I am embracing a more rustic, dare I say country feeling for the porch over the holiday season. I decided I wanted something twiggy like. I first found the round ball shaped ornaments and hung them. They looked nice but did not have enough visual weight. They just looked a tad too insignificant on the large porch. I then stumbled upon the stars. The stars paired with the spheres make me happy. This look is simple and rustic but is large enough to not get lost.

Porch @ Christmas


So who says you have to pack up all your patio furniture once the snow starts to fly?! I want to know who came up with that rule. I have decided that it is a rule to be broken!

My front porch is a covered porch and is protected on one side. I find we get the odd leaf blown on but very little else. After a rain storm the furniture is never wet even. I decided to not only leave my wee sofa and chair on the porch but layer them with more pillows and quilts. There is still a bit more tweaking to go but I am embracing the quilt loving rustic Canadian look on the porch. You will see the chunk of wood on the table that houses my candle and I will be adding some mason jars with cranberries and tea lights shortly. I also will have to incorporate some birch branches. I love the white birch bark look. Now all I need to do is get a great big mug of hot cocoa and curl up with a good book. Bring on the snow!