Charging Stations


I think if I told someone five years ago that a charging station would be a big concern of mine they would have thought I was nuts. In our family of five there are three iPhones and two iPod touches, we won’t even get into the iPads. We have a family rule that all these devices must stay on the main floor of our home and they must be at the charging station before bedtime. If they are not, the Internet will be non functioning for those devices the next day. Oh, the power my husband yields with the mighty Internet.

Currently our charging station is the desk in the office. My husband has drilled some holes and semi permanently hooked up all those lovely white apple wall chargers. The devices all then rest in a soft woven basket. It is functional and keeps our charging cables in one location but it can start to get sloppy looking. I love the idea of the box with a lid that closes like the one shown in the picture. Let the hunt begin!


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