Vinyl Siding – replace or paint?


There are many many colours to choose from if one is replacing their vinyl siding but there is another alternative if all you want is a colour change.

Paint, yes, I said it, paint.

Typically, if people wanted to change the color of their vinyl siding, they were limited to a paint color no darker than the existing one. That’s because dark colors absorb more heat from the sun, transferring it to the substrate. This can cause vinyl siding to expand dramatically, to the point of not being able to contract to its original dimensions. The result is buckling and warping that may require replacement of the siding.

Now with Benjamin Moore’s Vinyl Select colors for vinyl siding, one can choose from a huge variety of beautiful, “vinyl-safe” colors that can withstand the stress of expansion.

So changing my white siding to charcoal grey may not be so crazy after all!


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