Shoeper Idea!


We have five people in my family. Three of which are females. Needless to say we have many and I mean many pairs of shoes. Shoes seem to be a constant battle in our home. We have a rule that the adult shoes go in the front closet and all others in the garage. There are currently cubbies for shoes but I am always on the hunt for a more efficient way to sort them. At last count including the various footwear for sports there were 27 pairs in the garage. Yowsers! So when I saw the above photo it made me go hmmmm. What this person did was take pvc pipes and cut them and stacked them. Of course with some adhesive. This just might work for maintaining some order in the garage! Anyone else have any good ideas for loads of shoes? Ok, besides “toss or donate” because that was my hubbies suggestion.


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