Back to School – sigh….


I can admit it. I am counting down the hours until back to school. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children but it is time to live on a schedule again!!!
No more question marks about what the day will hold… We get back into the groove again. All three kids and hubby leaving the house at specific times and now sports kicks into high gear plus music lessons and meals all at the appointed time, is the fall way of life. For a list making, schedule loving gal like me it is pure bliss. I already have mini projects lined up for the two free afternoons I have per week. (free for now anyway). There is cleaning, painting, weeding, mulching and lastly, organizing shoes. All those little things that didn’t happen this summer because I was either at the cottage or driving a child to this friends, that friends, the mall or work etc. Let the list writing begin and the great feeling of finally being able to complete them.


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