Stumped – end tables?


Maybe I did spend a tad bit too much time in Northern Ontario this summer because chunks of wood are just plain appealing to me. There has been a small trend of tree stumps being used as end tables happening over the past couple years and I want in on it.

All summer long one can hear the sounds of the chainsaw across the lake as trees are hacked into bits of firewood. During my last week I sent the big strong men in my life on the hunt for some nice sized stumps. They faired well at a neighbouring cottage and now I wait. I need to bring these stumps into my home and let them dry out. Some folks say you should do it for a year and others say as short as three weeks. I tend to be impatient so the three weeks will be my experiment. At the three week point I will strip off the bark and start the sanding. When the stump is smooth my plan is to use a stain & polyurethane in one product. The sides will need about three coats and the top six. I will take before and after photos and post a play by play of my wooden adventure. Until then… I am stumped!


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