Home Sweet Home & Good-bye Summer


This past week was our last week at the cottage for the summer. It was an amazing time with family and friends and we left with sad hearts. Driving up the cottage road with my parents left waving in the rear view mirror is our good-bye to summer. I do often wonder however if after our first bend in the road they start their happy dance and then streak off the dock. I truly would not put it past them.

This week had us swimming with bubbles, racing dinghies, taking tippy canoe rides, noodle wars and even making weapons, again. Grumpy had the kids making their very own bows and then shooting arrows at their homemade target stuffed with leaves. A true northern adventure week.

With all this fun left four hours behind us I did still enjoy the feeling of walking in our front door. Is our home perfect, no way. Is it something out of a designer magazine, nope. But it is our home. It is on its way to being a reflection of us. It is not all about the latest fad or trend, it is the colours and styles that make the Hoyte family happy. To be honest, a good deal of those colours are what surround us at the cottage. Now if only I could hear the lapping of the water on the dock when I sit on the chaise in the office.

That being said… It is great to be home…


Flat Forest


All things birch have been trending for awhile now and it does not seem to be going anywhere. I had looked at putting birch tree wallpaper in my office but decided on letters instead. I would like to still incorporate some tall birch trees but not keen on wallpapering. I like the alternative of wall decals as seen in the photo above. The white birch is clean and calm looking and I can think of at least three rooms in my home in which it would work. Flat forest here I come.

Roped Me In…


I like the look of rope. Not the plastic stuff but the rough and natural looking variety. There is just something about it that I love. There are some many types with so many uses. In the crafting and décor world if you have some rope and a glue gun, then you are good to go. Take a look at the picture to get some ideas and get inspired. You rope regret it!

Waterloo Region Homes


This past week I had the privilege of writing for Waterloo Region Homes. I was asked to go check out the new Stonefield model in Conservation Meadows. (Waterloo) I had a blast checking out all the finer details of this home. In fact, if you happen to be heading to Waterloo some weekend I suggest you check it out. It is on Wasaga. The model is open 1-5 on Saturday and Sundays. If you love checking out model homes or are in the market for a new build then be sure to pop by.

Not About Décor… Purely to gloat!


I realize this has nothing to do with decorating but today my sons football team the Cambridge Lion’s won the provincial championship. It was a pretty big day for my wee little guy. My fifteen year old was thrilled with his victory and played a hard fought game. He is a d-lineman and they don’t usually get a whole bunch of credit. So I am giving my little plug. Way to go Aaron! Your entire family is super proud of you!

Ps. On a décor side note…. Now you see why the accent colour in his room has to be red! 🙂

If Trees Could Talk…


I had not realized how long it has been since I last blogged. Sorry about that! We have been enjoying the summer and that means as much time at my happy place as possible. Few places beat Northern Ontario in my mind. I had to share this photo of Mr. Birch with you. When my mom added the face to this tree about four years ago we all kinda rolled our eyes. Now I can not imagine walking to the bunky with our friend Mr.Birch smiling at us with his knowing grin.

Closet Conversion


I was at a clients home this week and we were making a plan for their mud / laundry / entry from the garage room. The room is not much larger than the space needed to hold the washing duo but there is a closet. In fact, the closet has broken bifold doors that we had decided must come off. The question was then, do we replace the doors or do something different? We decided that plan b was the perfect alternative, something different. I found the photo above as inspiration. The closet can now hold jackets, numerous pairs of shoes, gloves, hats… really the list can go on and on. The bonus however is a seat to put their toddler on as they are tying up her shoes. I just wish I had a closet to convert in my home!