Stuck in the middle…


Another week and more projects underway. I wish I could say they were completed projects but no, most of my projects are stuck in the middle. The phase where they look ok from a distance but are not fully tweaked. I would say that about my family room even. The big stuff is done but the last 10% needs to be done. The front hall is closer to the 50% complete point. Adrian has added my wainscoting but there is still more to fill, sand and repaint with that project. I also want to paint the wall above the wainscoting a nice gray. Also with the staircase shown above I still want to paint all the risers white. Adrian also managed to paint my medallion for the entry way ceiling and get it up but the new light sits in the box. There is another project that got completed but I will share that in another post. Stay tuned!


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