Are You Sure You Don’t See A Bad Word?!


This weekend my mom and I tackled the accent wall in the office. I was going to have birch trees but when I saw this letter paper at Bouclair’s, it just had to come home with me. After many hours of cutting, wetting, booking, hanging, rolling and sponging the wall was complete. We had one hiccup along the way where we discovered the wall is a very different size from one corner to the other. Like every other project in my home this room is not complete but well on its way. It would not have been possible without master paper hanger, mom! Now, I know some have wanted reviews on the Bouclair paper so here is what my mom had to say. “For the price it is ok. You need patience. This paper rips and creases easily. The good part is that it has a lot of glue and there is very little waste when matching one strip to the next.” So there you have it folks! Oh, and as for the bad word comment. That was my youngest daughter. She stood there for an hour looking for a bad word because her brother said he saw one. Boys!!!


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