What a knob!


I find in girls rooms there are never enough places to hang items such as purses, belts and clothes. The quickest and prettiest way to add some extra hanging space is with knobs or hooks. A simple board with your favourite decorative knobs attached like above is a fun weekend project. Check your local Home Depot, Target or Hobby Lobby for some stylish knobs and get creative.


Ruler of the House


It seems like weekly I stumble upon an idea I just love and have to share. This cabinet with the rulers attached to the front is one of them. I would attach the rulers with “no nails” and maybe a finishing coat of polyurethane. Now the question is… Where does one locate so many neat wooden rulers???

Frame it!


A friend of mine recently added this family photo display to her upper hallway. I thought it was a nice clean way to showcase family photos. All the frames and the shelves came from Ikea. These specific photos look great in colour but if you want a different look than try putting your photos in black and white. One tip the homeowner had was to place a tiny piece of doweling at the front part of each shelf. This changes the angle of the frames a bit so they are not overly tipsy. Happy framing!

Map It!


Maps. I have always liked maps. Not the unfolding and them folding them back up part but their general look. There is just something pretty about all those criss crossing lines and squiggles. I also love the look of old fashion simple drawn maps and of course wallpaper that looks like maps. Maps however are slowly becoming a thing of the past. At least the traditional ones. Now days every vehicle has a gps and if it seems that is not the case there is always a smart phone handy. So what to do with those old maps of Ontario you have kicking around? Why not get creative? You could frame parts of the map, cover drawer fronts as seen below or my favorite shown above. So do not toss those maps, get creative!

Summer Wreath


I still like the clock on my front door but what I do not like is the clunking sound it makes every time one closes the door. I want something unique for the door but not too colourful. I like the look of this wreath, it may have to be the one I copy for my door!

You Light Up My Life…


Today was all about the lights. I recently visited my local Rona and saw some new styles they were carrying and was taken with them. The orbit light seen above is now my new front entry light. I had been looking for a simple but unique light that would not break the bank and would compliment the ceiling medallion I had picked up from a thrift store a few months back. Next to paint I think changing out the lighting in a room is one of the quickest ways to give it a new look. A light fixture can change the entire feel of a room with one simple flick of a switch.