The Back Deck Project…


First off, there is LOTS of work still to be done on our back deck. So much so it makes me want to cry but for now it is livable, in fact a place we will use.

This deck was fully caged in when we purchased the home and was covered in outdoor carpet. Oh, and did I mention… painted turquoise? So far we have torn up the carpet and power washed it and cut down half of the cage. We have put solar lights
caps on where the posts use to be. Oh, you may ask why cut down the cage, aka latice? It actually divided our kitchen window in half. Still not sure why anyone would do that! We then put up a gazebo because the back of our house faces south and boy does it get hot out there.

So what have we got left to do you ask? Well this fall we need to sand down the entire deck. Every piece of wood needs to be treated. With the wet spring we were not able to tackle this project and now that the heat is here we voted on waiting until the fall.

Here’s to having dinner on the deck tonight!!!


One thought on “The Back Deck Project…

  1. Looks good šŸ™‚ you are actually going to eat outside? I have quit playing down stairs and going to enjoy my deck for a few moments too! Not as pretty but sounds relaxing with the waterfall!

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