Happy Father’s Day!


Just a quick shout out to all the dads out there to have a great day. I know that the men in my life tend to get picked on or sometimes forgotten in the hustle of everyday life but I want to let you know you are appreciated.

First my hubby who puts up with a tidy and schedule freak daily. Supposedly normal people do not wake up every morning asking what the plan is for the day?! Thanks for being such an amazing dad to our three children. Always finding time to shoot hoops, play a board game and yes during the summer schedule an entire day to a game of StarCraft. Thanks also for your help with keeping our family safe when it comes to our house. (I should have him blog about our electrical plugs some day!)

Secondly my dad. As a kid I never realized how fortunate I was to have such a fantastic father. There to encourage me to make big girl choices and help me deal with the consequences of my actions. He is truly one of a kind. Also, a bonus, he is very handy. Right now he is probably reading this shaking his head wondering what crazy house project we need help with now. But seriously, the amount of time and resources my dad has given to me and my family has been a huge blessing. We wouldn’t be who we are without him!!!

Happy Father’s Day!


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