Painting Kitchen Cabinetry


As you all may or may not know I want to paint my kitchen cabinetry. I want to take my worn down stained solid wood doors and turn them in to a thing of beauty. I had contemplated doing this project fully on my own but really when you want something done right you turn to the professionals. I am looking at having them painted a warm gray colour and updating all the hardware to a simple stainless steel variety. Perhaps some knobs and handles.

I had Granite Transformations come in and give me a quote on new countertops and the painting of the cabinetry. For both projects combined the price was sitting at just under 10 grand. Yowsers! Not happening!

I then started researching other possibilities. Doing it myself would be way cheaper but finding the time to do it right?! Probably an impossibility. I then smarten’d up and turned to the professionals at New Place in Kitchener, Ontario.

Janice looks after the stripping and refinishing area of things and gave me the low down on their prices and procedures. Definitely a no brainer.

Here is a quick overview of the process. New Place will thoroughly sand all surfaces and then prime them. Again all surfaces get sanded and then the tinted lacquer is applied 2-3 coats sanding in between each coat. Now I have to have all hardware removed and a color sample available but I think I can handle that! I was also told to allow 2 weeks from drop-off for completion. Again, I can handle that!

Now the fantastic part….
The cost for the doors is $30.00 each except the larger pantry doors, which will be $45.00 each. The drawers will cost $15.00 each and to do the inside another $10.00 each. Now obviously the prices differ depending on the shape of the cupboards Janice is working on but for a final result that will last and look stunning… I know I am sending my business to New Place. In case you are wondering, yes they do lacquer as well as refinish bedroom sets, dining rooms sets and more! Ask for a free quote on their website.


One thought on “Painting Kitchen Cabinetry

  1. As you know, we had our cabinets doors and drawers spray painted and the built ins painted with lacquer paint. We are amazed at how durable this paint is. Also, the sheen is low/perfect. We would like to get more items painted this way. Thanks so much for identifying a new source for this type of work!


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