It’s Happy Place Time!


This is my favourite time of the year.
Cottage time!

There is nothing better than sitting on the dock listening to the waves lap on the sides. Then of course there are all the beautiful colours of nature. From the greens on the plants, to the blue sky and of course the grays in the rocks. This long weekend at the cottage is even better because the men in my life (hubby & son) are staying home. Ok, it is not great because they are staying home but because of what they are doing! They are going to paint the ceiling of our family room, the walls and then put down new flooring. This is going to be the best weekend ever! Hopefully in a week I will be able to post some pictures of the outcome.
Happy Canada Day weekend!


Smart Stair Case


Sometimes flipping through photos I see a photo and I just have to share. I saw this photo and thought, man, now that is smart. I love how this staircase has a knee wall on one side and such stylish railings on the other. The colour scheme is also fabulous with the gray stained wood both on the railings and flooring. Paired with the creams and the blues, it all comes together to create a serene view.

The Back Deck Project…


First off, there is LOTS of work still to be done on our back deck. So much so it makes me want to cry but for now it is livable, in fact a place we will use.

This deck was fully caged in when we purchased the home and was covered in outdoor carpet. Oh, and did I mention… painted turquoise? So far we have torn up the carpet and power washed it and cut down half of the cage. We have put solar lights
caps on where the posts use to be. Oh, you may ask why cut down the cage, aka latice? It actually divided our kitchen window in half. Still not sure why anyone would do that! We then put up a gazebo because the back of our house faces south and boy does it get hot out there.

So what have we got left to do you ask? Well this fall we need to sand down the entire deck. Every piece of wood needs to be treated. With the wet spring we were not able to tackle this project and now that the heat is here we voted on waiting until the fall.

Here’s to having dinner on the deck tonight!!!

Wall Tile Blurb…


With the popularity of wallpaper the other trend that has surfaced is raised tiles. Many tile shops are carrying tiles that have either an embossed pattern or are in fact raised. One manufacture of interest is WallArt. They have designed a wall panel from sugarcane pulp. They have 16 different designs that can even be painted. Wall tiles/panels can be used for an accent wall and have a contemporary look. They are sold in packages of 12 for roughly $95 and cover 32 sq.ft. Something to contemplate when you are deciding to add some “wow” to a space!

Gazebo Goodness


Tonight the metal gazebo went up on our deck. It is true what they say, many hands make light work. I also think the right tools make a world of difference as well! After a couple hours of holding this there and tightening this here, the roof was on and it looked great. I am still shocked how quickly a gazebo can not only change the look but also the feel of a deck. A roof makes the largest difference, of course the first thing I did was hang a candelabra. One can not sufficiently entertain under a gazebo without candlelight after all! I have quickly fallen in love with my deck and look forward to putting the finishing details into place.

Happy Father’s Day!


Just a quick shout out to all the dads out there to have a great day. I know that the men in my life tend to get picked on or sometimes forgotten in the hustle of everyday life but I want to let you know you are appreciated.

First my hubby who puts up with a tidy and schedule freak daily. Supposedly normal people do not wake up every morning asking what the plan is for the day?! Thanks for being such an amazing dad to our three children. Always finding time to shoot hoops, play a board game and yes during the summer schedule an entire day to a game of StarCraft. Thanks also for your help with keeping our family safe when it comes to our house. (I should have him blog about our electrical plugs some day!)

Secondly my dad. As a kid I never realized how fortunate I was to have such a fantastic father. There to encourage me to make big girl choices and help me deal with the consequences of my actions. He is truly one of a kind. Also, a bonus, he is very handy. Right now he is probably reading this shaking his head wondering what crazy house project we need help with now. But seriously, the amount of time and resources my dad has given to me and my family has been a huge blessing. We wouldn’t be who we are without him!!!

Happy Father’s Day!