Getting There – the new house exterior


The exterior of our new home is slowly coming along. Just like the inside. This past weekend the family chipped in together to rip up grass and create some new garden beds. A yard and a half of dirt was trucked in and placed shovelful by shovelful. Our youngest was by far the most dedicated in this project and worked for hours shoveling. The home before had only an 18 inch strip of garden along the porch. We put another three feet in front of that and brought it down around the walkway. The plants are still new but I expect it to look great by the end of the summer. In the photo you can also see the yellow door with the clock on it. When things come along a little further I will post a before and after comparison. I have had neighbours already weighing in their opinions. The little boy across the street told me he didn’t like the yellow door at first but now he loves it. I guess change is hard for people at any age!


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