What The Clock?! A Confession…


I have a confession to make. I have never learned to tell time. Ok, that is not 100% accurate but pretty close. I am unable to glance at a clock and quickly tell the time. (unless it is the digital one on my stove) I sadly have to stare at a clock and figure out what it is trying to tell me. I struggled in elementary school with those time telling math work sheets and my parents repeatedly tried to help me grasp the concept but it never stuck. Oddly enough I have a bit of a clock obsession. All the main rooms in my home have at least two clocks. My living room has four at last count and they all have one thing in common, no batteries. My home confuses the living daylights out of people who quickly glance up at clocks to tell time because every clock in my home is set to a different time. I love the look of clocks but I am not a fan of trying to interpret them or of the endless ticking. Surprisingly enough I did add a clock to my collection today and put it in a spot new to even me!!! I took black ribbon and hung it on my front door. So no wreath for me but a nice clock which is set to 5pm because as my hubby often reminds me, it is five o’clock somewhere! 🙂


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