Choosing Paint Colours


The other day I told you my five fast tips for painting. Shortly after that post I got an email saying, the tips were great but they were stuck on the “pre-step”. The “pre-step” being the choosing of the, paint colour. My first response is always, do not reinvent the wheel. Find your favourite piece of art, pillow or textile in the room and use that as your palette inspiration. Some “expert” out there was paid to put that look together and if you are drawn to it, you might as well use it!

Paint Offers Transformation:
Now you have that lovely pillow in hand. You look at it and see five colours in it. Ask yourself some questions. What is the purpose of the room you are painting? Is it a child’s bedroom, a family room, or a formal living room? What feel do you want the room to have? Calm, energizing, or alluring? Depending on the space the answer will vary greatly.

Narrow Down The Contenders:
What I suggest next is that you find the four main paint colours that are in your pillow and lay them out on a table. Knowing the purpose of the room you now arrange them. Decided which is to be the wall colour and then also choose two accent colours. If you are creating a space you want to feel calm, then choose a more neutral colour for the walls and find two accent colours with pop to use in accessories. (draperies, rugs, knick knacks etc) If you want a bold statement, then choose a bold colour for the walls and a neutral for furniture as well as another bold accent for accessories.

Take It For A Test Drive:
Go to your favorite paint store, and get your, paint colour mixed into a sample size. (at least the main wall colour) Most paint stores sell them for $6-$10. Paint the one you’re considering onto a white poster board. Put it next to your cabinets, trim, carpet or furniture. Paint can look very different in various lighting. Move your poster board to different places in the room. Look for any color undertones it might have during bright daylight hours, rainy days and at night in artificial lighting.

Love It Or Leave It.
After staring at the paint for a while in all conditions and you still love it, then go for it. Get your paint mixed and put it on the walls. Remember to paint two coats and live in it for three days before you buy more paint for the same space. A change can be difficult to adapt to. If after painting you are still stuck and thinking yuck… Call a professional.
Or after reading this blog you are even more unsure about paint colours, call a professional. You can typically get colours for the majority of your home picked out for about $75-$100. It is best to have the consultant come to your home but if in a pinch one can also use an online service. Both of which I offer. Send me an email with your paint colour questions. I would love to answer them.
Happy Painting!


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