Painting Tips…


I know the white roses are a bit misleading. I had to snap a photo of them as they sat on my kitchen table. They have opened up so nicely and I had to share. Now if only the photo was scratch and sniff!

Ok, onto what the real blog post is about, painting tips. I am going to keep them simple and quick. These are not all written in stone and I am sure I will probably miss one or two important ones but a client recently asked me what my top five tips were. So here it goes.

1) Buy your paint trays, roller handles and edging brushes from Dollerama. The red wood handle brushes are fantastic!

2) Purchase good quality rollers but before you use them take a damp cloth and rub it. This gets off any extra lint and the dampness helps the paint adhere.

3) Use good paint. You can never go wrong with Benjamin Moore but CIL and Behr are good options as well. I really like the CIL Premium paint and a store such as Rona can mix it to match Benjamin Moore colours.

4) Too much paint is bad. Too much paint on both brushes and/or rollers just makes a mess. There is never a good outcome with too much paint. It can also dry odd on the walls.

5) Edge everything then fill in the middles. Do not paint straight up and down. Rolling the paint on in a W formation is always a good thing.

So those are my top five tips. Quick and easy. Now to find time to paint!!!


2 thoughts on “Painting Tips…

  1. Brushes update….. At dollerama there is no angled brush with the red handle. I just use the straight edge two inch brush to edge or I use the wood (yellowish) edging brush with the white bristles. Sorry for any confusion.

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