Big Pot Experiment


Right now someone has got to this page through goggle and is very confused. Yes, I am talking about a really large pot. The pot in the photo is 24 inches tall, it is also 28 inches in diameter. It is one large pot!

I acquired this large pot from my husband who rescued it from a neighbours garbage pile a few days ago. So my first thought is, make it into a nice planter. Put some tall grasses in the middle and add some colourful flowers around the perimeter. My second thought is paint it and turn it into a neat patio table base. The last idea is the one I am most excited about. I am thinking a contained fountain or water garden. I think both are doable and something a tad unique.

So any thought from you folks my readers? Anyone have any experience with this? Ideas? Suggestions? Thoughts? I want to hear them!


2 thoughts on “Big Pot Experiment

  1. Hi Tara!

    Wow! What a lucky find. I also love the idea of turning it into a water feature!!! For a few years I had a water plant sitting in a pot filled with water that I anchored with smooth river rock on our deck. It gave the deck a cool, exotic look. The plant was called a Cyprus (umbrella plant). It is beautiful and it grows very easily (and quickly) as long as it doesn’t completely dry out. Good luck with this project and keep us posted!!!


    • Marie, I think we need to have tea so I can pick your brain. A gardener I am NOT!!! I will look into the plant you mentioned. My last house we had a waterfall running beside us and I didn’t realize how much I would miss that sound. On a seperate note. I planted my yuca here at the new place. I dug it out before we moved last fall!!! Could not leave my spiky friend behind!

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