Sunshine Palette (gray & yellow + friends)


This past winter gray and yellow became the “it” couple. This summer we are seeing that trend continuing but with a bright blue and white rounding out the mix. This modern fabric choice would make a great toss cushion for use on a bed or couch. The Sherwin William colours below are the perfect compliment to the fabric. I think if you enough natural light the dark grey would make a great wall colour and if you wanted to be daring the yellow would make an amazing ceiling colour. The white would be great for built-ins / cabinetry and the blue another great accent colour for items such as lamp bases and picture frames. Now go have some fun and bring a little sunshine into your home!


Getting There – the new house exterior


The exterior of our new home is slowly coming along. Just like the inside. This past weekend the family chipped in together to rip up grass and create some new garden beds. A yard and a half of dirt was trucked in and placed shovelful by shovelful. Our youngest was by far the most dedicated in this project and worked for hours shoveling. The home before had only an 18 inch strip of garden along the porch. We put another three feet in front of that and brought it down around the walkway. The plants are still new but I expect it to look great by the end of the summer. In the photo you can also see the yellow door with the clock on it. When things come along a little further I will post a before and after comparison. I have had neighbours already weighing in their opinions. The little boy across the street told me he didn’t like the yellow door at first but now he loves it. I guess change is hard for people at any age!

Most Magazine Spread


Most Magazine hit the streets this week and is a must have for those local to Waterloo Region. It is a magazine that is geared for women over forty and chats about everything from gardening to outside décor. Even tho I am under forty I have the privilege of writing for this fun magazine. This edition I was asked to source out items to decorate a deck. I figured I might as well supply the entire deck plan and the pieces to complete it. This plan is created with a colourful backyard (flower gardens) in mind. I wanted the furniture to be green and calming which in turn allows the flower gardens to steal the show. Be sure to visit the Most website for great recipes, tips on skin care and gardening tips.

What The Clock?! A Confession…


I have a confession to make. I have never learned to tell time. Ok, that is not 100% accurate but pretty close. I am unable to glance at a clock and quickly tell the time. (unless it is the digital one on my stove) I sadly have to stare at a clock and figure out what it is trying to tell me. I struggled in elementary school with those time telling math work sheets and my parents repeatedly tried to help me grasp the concept but it never stuck. Oddly enough I have a bit of a clock obsession. All the main rooms in my home have at least two clocks. My living room has four at last count and they all have one thing in common, no batteries. My home confuses the living daylights out of people who quickly glance up at clocks to tell time because every clock in my home is set to a different time. I love the look of clocks but I am not a fan of trying to interpret them or of the endless ticking. Surprisingly enough I did add a clock to my collection today and put it in a spot new to even me!!! I took black ribbon and hung it on my front door. So no wreath for me but a nice clock which is set to 5pm because as my hubby often reminds me, it is five o’clock somewhere! 🙂

Choosing Paint Colours


The other day I told you my five fast tips for painting. Shortly after that post I got an email saying, the tips were great but they were stuck on the “pre-step”. The “pre-step” being the choosing of the, paint colour. My first response is always, do not reinvent the wheel. Find your favourite piece of art, pillow or textile in the room and use that as your palette inspiration. Some “expert” out there was paid to put that look together and if you are drawn to it, you might as well use it!

Paint Offers Transformation:
Now you have that lovely pillow in hand. You look at it and see five colours in it. Ask yourself some questions. What is the purpose of the room you are painting? Is it a child’s bedroom, a family room, or a formal living room? What feel do you want the room to have? Calm, energizing, or alluring? Depending on the space the answer will vary greatly.

Narrow Down The Contenders:
What I suggest next is that you find the four main paint colours that are in your pillow and lay them out on a table. Knowing the purpose of the room you now arrange them. Decided which is to be the wall colour and then also choose two accent colours. If you are creating a space you want to feel calm, then choose a more neutral colour for the walls and find two accent colours with pop to use in accessories. (draperies, rugs, knick knacks etc) If you want a bold statement, then choose a bold colour for the walls and a neutral for furniture as well as another bold accent for accessories.

Take It For A Test Drive:
Go to your favorite paint store, and get your, paint colour mixed into a sample size. (at least the main wall colour) Most paint stores sell them for $6-$10. Paint the one you’re considering onto a white poster board. Put it next to your cabinets, trim, carpet or furniture. Paint can look very different in various lighting. Move your poster board to different places in the room. Look for any color undertones it might have during bright daylight hours, rainy days and at night in artificial lighting.

Love It Or Leave It.
After staring at the paint for a while in all conditions and you still love it, then go for it. Get your paint mixed and put it on the walls. Remember to paint two coats and live in it for three days before you buy more paint for the same space. A change can be difficult to adapt to. If after painting you are still stuck and thinking yuck… Call a professional.
Or after reading this blog you are even more unsure about paint colours, call a professional. You can typically get colours for the majority of your home picked out for about $75-$100. It is best to have the consultant come to your home but if in a pinch one can also use an online service. Both of which I offer. Send me an email with your paint colour questions. I would love to answer them.
Happy Painting!

Painting Tips…


I know the white roses are a bit misleading. I had to snap a photo of them as they sat on my kitchen table. They have opened up so nicely and I had to share. Now if only the photo was scratch and sniff!

Ok, onto what the real blog post is about, painting tips. I am going to keep them simple and quick. These are not all written in stone and I am sure I will probably miss one or two important ones but a client recently asked me what my top five tips were. So here it goes.

1) Buy your paint trays, roller handles and edging brushes from Dollerama. The red wood handle brushes are fantastic!

2) Purchase good quality rollers but before you use them take a damp cloth and rub it. This gets off any extra lint and the dampness helps the paint adhere.

3) Use good paint. You can never go wrong with Benjamin Moore but CIL and Behr are good options as well. I really like the CIL Premium paint and a store such as Rona can mix it to match Benjamin Moore colours.

4) Too much paint is bad. Too much paint on both brushes and/or rollers just makes a mess. There is never a good outcome with too much paint. It can also dry odd on the walls.

5) Edge everything then fill in the middles. Do not paint straight up and down. Rolling the paint on in a W formation is always a good thing.

So those are my top five tips. Quick and easy. Now to find time to paint!!!