The Paint, Nothing But The Paint…


Yes, you have seen these paint chips before. They are to be the back half of my house. In order starting at the top and working my way down, they are: 1- HC 165 Boothbay Gray, 2 – CC 548 Asphalt, 3 – OC 17 White Dove, 4 – HC Bennington Gray. All Benjamin Moore.

Now what are they being used for?
That is the next logical question. In the same order, the gray blue colour is to be the accent colour, which will be found in pillows, art and the area rug. The next one which is the darker gray called Asphalt will be my kitchen cupboards and the Whitish colour will be the new colour for all the trim & doors in the entire home. Lastly, the tannish gray colour will be the kitchen and the family room wall colour. The Bennington Gray will most likely be my entrance colour as well as hallway colour. Now to find the time to get painting!


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