If I Passed…


A very close friend of mine was over for dinner tonight and we chatted about my vision for the house over butter chicken. I went room by room and told him what we will be doing soon, in the future and if I could do anything I wanted. At the end he turned to my husband and asked him what his vision was. My husbands smart answer was, “anything she wants.” My friend then turns to my husband and says, ok, what if she passed. At this point we were onto dessert and coffee and it nearly came flying out of my mouth. My husbands answer was, “sell the house”. Funny guy. Together my friend and I pressured him to dream about décor. What we got out of him was a backyard kitchen. A place to burn stuff and a cool bbq set up. The photo above is what he described. At least I have discovered that I am not the only one who likes to dream big. Not sure how our rear neighbours would feel about this set up on the other side of their fence!


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