Meh… Just meh…


Months back you will recall I tested LOOP paint. A recycled Canadian made paint that is sold at Walmart. I was happily surprised at this product. This leads me to my most recent experience. I was at Rona looking at some trim when I walked by their paint department. I noticed they had a recycled paint called ECO and it was on sale. Reg. 18.99 for 9.99 a can. At that price, how could I resist testing it? They also had a large colour selection for a recycled paint and I easily decided upon Soy for my basement. It is a golden tan colour. I eagerly went home and prepped my walls. At first glance the paint is thinner than what I am use to and I found it did not cover as well. It just doesn’t appear to have an even coverage on the first coat. I also found for a low VOC paint the smell was stronger than what I would have expected. Really the paint reminded me of the brand Boomerang that Rona use to carry. Perhaps it is the same paint with a new label? So here is where I am at. I have finished two walls only. I need to decide whether I forge on or switch to another brand of paint. I will probably forge on. My recommendation is this. If you need to paint a spare bedroom or inside closets or spaces you just do not care about that much, give this paint a go but only if you get it for 9.99. Other wise go with the LOOP paint at 15.88 it is far nicer.


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