Trending…Going Gray


I was asked yesterday what I thought the largest trend was in décor. The simple answer is that there are a LOT of big trends but if I had to pick one it would be the trend of going gray. You heard me ladies and gents. Put away those hair dye products and let you silver shine. Nah, you feel free to colour it up if you choose but flaunt your gray in your décor.

You have heard me talk about painting walls gray, and hardwood flooring with gray stains but I have not said much about gray stained furniture. If you are looking for a new piece, forget the black and espresso. Look towards a mushroom or charcoal stain colour and you will not regret it. The photo above features pieces from Restoration Hardware. I love how they mix the tans and grays together. It creates a bit of old world warmth. The other great thing about the gray stain is that it suits a modern designed space just as well. It truly is the new black!

So gray it up friends!


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