To Dream…


A friend recently encouraged me to sit, sip my coffee and dream. And I did! I actually dreamed in six thousand dollar segments. I dreamed about getting six grand handed to me and told to do whatever I wanted with that but it had to be for the house. What would you do with six grand?

In reality, six grand is not that much money but when you have three kids in sports, well, I can tell you, it would be a welcome surprise. So six grand… Three projects that I would love to see happen popped into mind right away…

1) The kitchen! It would be tackled for sure! Painted, all fresh hardware, stone countertops, stainless steel hood fan, gorgeous backsplash… And poof, six grand gone!

2) The basement! Much needed windows would be added, a coat of paint and a powder room. Probably over six grand there but almost doable.

3) The backyard! The deck would get a coat of stain, some chain link fencing would be added but the part my kids would flip out about would be an above ground pool. Nothing huge, but larger than the air filled one we have had the last couple years. I can see the kids tearing home from school on a hot day and diving into their cool pool.

So dreaming over coffee is fun. Now can you imagine if I let myself dream with larger amounts?
Dream on!!!


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